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Rumored iPad 3 really iPad Mini ?

The blogosphere is buzzing with rumors yesterday that an iPad 3 could be on the road in September. So, the IPAD 2 has not been officially announced (although it was reported that production), and already people are talking about an iPad 3. It all started with a blog post by John Gruber, who writes the popular blog Daring Fireball. In discussing the launch of Hewlett-Packard competitor iPad, a tablet called the touchpad WebOS is scheduled to arrive this summer, Gruber wrote: “Summer feels like a while away If my theory is correct, is not only going to be. months behind the IPAD 2, but if they slip to the end of summer, you may encounter with the release of IPAD 3. ”

Rumored iPad 3 really iPad Mini

The mere fact that Gruber – who has built a reputation for having good sources of Apple (which are quite difficult to get unless you are the Wall Street Journal, which Apple seems to like the stories of leaks) – gave the words “iPad 3” immediately triggered a wave of speculation.

Not long after, Business Insider wrote a story with the headline, “IPAD 3 would launch in the fall, John Gruber advice.” Dan Frommer of Business Insider, a rumor excellent salesman, wrote: “Gruber – which is probably the best writer of Apple’s origin in the world – has a habit of falling at times” news “in his job without making a big thing about him. So unless this is pure speculation, or a misunderstanding on our part, he may know something. ”

Then, Jason Snell, director of Macworld, posted on Twitter, “I love how things fall @ Gruber, as the possible release of an iPad 3 this fall, so casually.”

At night, I received an instant message from my colleague, CNET, executive editor John Falcone, who had cut and pasted a link to a story from Tech Crunch MG Siegler, who had taken the story and run with it Gruber and mated with the rumor that he had been listening to one of their sources. The title of his offspring to read: “Yes, Apple is queuing for a” surprise “this autumn. And yes, most likely a” iPad 3. ‘”

Siegler said that a few days ago, Tech Crunch had heard of a very good source that Apple was putting together the pieces of a “surprise big drop.” That could mean anything from a real Apple TV, iTunes in the cloud, a touchscreen iMac? They had no idea. But suddenly, with post Gruber, the source (or someone) brought clarity to the alleged surprise fall.


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